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Around the Rink: Worst NHL Trade-Deadline Ever

AROUND THE RINK is a new weekly hockey segment on the NHL and all of its teams. Every Wednesday we go over what’s new with your favorite teams, your favorite players, as well as the crazy things going on within the National Hockey League.

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins: Picked up Brian Rolston and Mike Mottau during the Trade Deadline…..pffffttttt. They should have called Devils GM Lou Lamareillo before going 100 feet of deciding to trade for these guys. Should be interesting if they are in the lineup tomorrow when the Devils come to town.

Buffalo Sabres: Probably the biggest surprise moves of the day, picking up Cody Hodgson and turning Paul Gaustad into a first-round draft pick. Hodgson is going to be a serious asset, after having a pretty decent go in Vancouver. Overall good moves by Buffalo. I’m impressed.

Carolina Hurricanes: No real big activity out of the Hurricanes camp, although they made their moves weeks ago when the traded away Tomas Kaberle and Alex Ponikarovsky. The team is 5-1-4 in their last 10 games, though. Continue reading

Peyton Manning And Colts Part Ways: The End Of An Era

Coming to a town near you?

After much speculation and public comments , the Colts and their star quarterback Peyton Manning have decided to part ways, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen

This will presumably allow the Colts to go forward and draft Andrew Luck with the 1st pick this April. Manning was due $28 million dollars on March 8th, but owner Jim Irsay clearly did not feel like waiting to make his decision. Irsay, has been cleaning house, starting with Vice Chairman Bill Polian, a Manning supporter, and extending to coach Jim Caldwell, and now Manning. The Colts will now move into complete rebuild mode by drafting Andrew Luck, which has been widely assumed for a while now.  This could lead to veterans being cut potentially before camp next season, such as the popular defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

The Colts and Manning enjoyed much success since they drafted him with the first-overall pick in 1998. They made the playoffs in 11 of his 13 seasons, and had their breakthrough season in 2006 with their only Super Bowl victory in the Manning Era.

As for Manning’s next move, we will have a preview of the top five destinations he could end up in the next twenty-four hours. Surely, many teams will be interested in his services as long as he is healthy.


By:Frank Santos– Lead Columnist

Hines Ward Officially Released by Pittsburgh Steelers

Adam Schefter reports Hines Ward will be released by the Pittsburgh Steelers.


As it turns out the Steelers just don’t have enough roster spots and salary cap room to hold onto the veteran wide receiver. Mike Wallace will command a ton of money on the free agent market and in order to hold onto him Steelers general manager, Kevin Colbert will need all the extra cap space he can get. That extra space will also need to go towards improving the offensive line so Roethlisberger is able to stay upright all season.

Hines Ward has 1000 receptions, 12,083 yards, and 85 touchdowns in his career, all with the Steelers. It will be a big decision for Ward to hang up the cleats as a Steeler, or join another NFL team needing a veteran number three wide reciever.

Bud Selig and the MLB to Add Two More Wild Card Teams

Ken Rosenthal has reported that Major League Baseball will add two more Wild Card playoff spots, one per league, this season. This means that now there will be a total of 10 playoff teams come October- three division winners and two wild card teams per league. There were rumors this was going to happen in 2013, but Selig decided it was better to implement the new system now.


There will not be an extra series between the two wild card teams. Instead, there will be a one-game playoff between the two wild cards, with the winner becoming one of the final four playoff seeds for the traditional divisional round. In some cases this seems like an excellent idea, and in others it doesn’t. Continue reading

Joe DiMaggio vs. Mickey Mantle

The New York Yankees may very well have the most storied history in professional sports. They have set the bar for greatness for sports as well, amassing an incredible 27 World Series Championships and 40 American League Pennants. Of course, a franchise can’t have such a rich history without legendary ballplayers, and the Yanks are unmatched in that department by a wide margin.

Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle are the classic “passing the torch” scenario. “Joltin” Joe patrolled center field in the pinstripes from 1936 to1942, then from 1946 to 1951, in which time he led the Bronx Bombers to nine titles in thirteen years.

Mantle came to the Yankees in 1951 as a right fielder, then took over center in 1952 after DiMaggio retired after the 1951 season. The Spavinaw, Oklahoma product was the best switch hitter for power the diamond has ever seen, and he led the Yanks to seven championships before his subsequent late career decline and retirement in 1968.

Both are Yankees legends. Both are Hall of Famers. Both have a list of accolades that together could probably produce a novel. But, who was better overall?

  Continue reading

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots: Which Fans Are Worse?

I’ve been to many games in which I’ve been on the losing side of these two teams and let me tell you; I think I’d rather be serving in the soup kitchens all day than watching my team get shellacked by the Pittsburgh Steelers or New England Patriots.

I can respect great teams, in which both teams clearly have demonstrated over the past decade (longer for the Steelers,) however, the fans of these respective teams tend to play a major role in the near sports suicides I’ve thought about committing over the years.

Every team has the, “annoying, over the top” fan that make you want to take a dish pan and whack them over the head with it. However, it seems like they are more prevalent in these two teams, probably due to the high volume of winning that has thus spoiled the fan over the years. So which team has the worst fans? Time to find out!

1.) Sitting next to them during the game:


Continue reading

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