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Wes Welker is sick of the negativity surrounding the NFL

  • Jim Racalto

Wes Welker catches a pass during his first Broncos practice. (Credit:

There’s been an undesirable amount of bad press for the NFL so far this off-season. While the media doesn’t help in how they purposely portray situations, there’s one guy who is doing everything he can to shed some positive light on the NFL. Former Patriot and current Broncos receiver Wes Welker aired out his thoughts during an interview with Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner about his participation in the Depend Player Challenge.

Shutdown Corner: For both of you guys — this is a very interesting campaign you’re in, and you were both in it last year, as well. It’s kind of funny in a way, and that’s the point, but it’s obviously for a very serious and important cause. Why has this been so important to each of you?

Welker: I think it’s important as far as being able to give back. There’s so much negativity going in the NFL; to do something positive … DeMarcus and I did the Depends Player Challenge last year, and we’re doing the challenge this year to get votes between each other, and we’re really just creating awareness for the V Foundation. The donations to it … we’re really just trying to do something positive with it.

Welker then went on to address the negative situations many NFL players have found themselves in recently:

Welker: You’re under a microscope. With cell phones and cameras and everything else, it’s hard to really go anywhere and do anything — just go to dinner sometimes. You have to be really careful, and surround yourself with good people, and put yourself in the right situations. You really need to plan your nights out on the town, or whatever, so that you’re not putting yourself in any kind of bad situations.

Welker, along with DeMarcus Ware, are two guys that other players should take notes from in terms of off-the-field behavior. While any negative press will be paraded around, it’s rare that positive things are championed. If more players would make it a point to get the positive things they do noticed, the good may again start to outweigh the bad.

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