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32 worst quarterbacks of the modern era 4 of 8: NFC West.

  • Jim Racalto

So many sports websites thrive off doing Top 10 lists in various categories. You can really make an entertaining list out of anything these days. So I decided to have a little fun, and do a “worst quarterback” list.

I kept the time frame of this list relatively modern (1990-present).  With some divisions losing/adding teams, and teams relocating, I am keeping the division formats current.

Without further ado, I present to you the fourth division in my 32 worst quarterbacks list, the NFC West!



Arizona Cardinals

Worst Quarterback: Matt Leinart

Honorable Mention: The trio of Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lindley, and Jon Skelton.

Matt Leinart came to the Cardinals with high hopes out of USC. It was all for not, as he failed miserably, became an expert clipboard holder, and enjoyed the Scottsdale night life. From 2010-2012 a plethora of random, mediocre quarterbacks started at least one game for Arizona. Kevin Kolb (way overpaid and never healthy), Ryan Lindley, Jon Skelton, Derek Anderson, Max Hall, and Brian Hoyer all saw action for the Cardinals in that time frame.



San Francisco 49ers

Worst Quarterback: Tim Rattay

Honorable Mention: Alex Smith

I know, I know. You guys will see Alex Smith and probably disagree. But the Niners have had it pretty good on the QB front. Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jeff Garcia were all long-term starters. Tim Rattay started 13 games from 2004 to 2005, and was exquisitely pathetic. I put Smith as the honorable mention for a few reasons. First, he’s the only one that started enough games to see a body of work after Garcia, and two, it took him five years to do anything that mattered. He may be flourishing now, but he was irrelevant for 95% of his time in San Fran.

rick mirer


Seattle Seahawks

Worst Quarterback: Rick Mirer

Honorable Mention: Tarvaris Jackson

How Rick Mirer started four seasons for Seattle in the early to mid-90’s is mind-blowing. He was a bust in every sense of the word, played for seven different teams, and threw 26 more interceptions than touchdowns. As for Jackson, I always feel bad giving him a bum rap. He really isn’t ALL that bad, but he isn’t all that good either. I felt that Jon Kitna and Warren Moon were both better than Jackson, and he’s had ample chances to start and failed each time.



St. Louis Rams

Honorable Mention: Chris Miller and Tony Banks

Both of these guys were amazingly average, but due to the fact that they both had more touchdowns than interceptions, as well as ratings above 70, I will just stick them both in the honorable mention category. An average write-up for a couple averages Joes.

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