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32 worst quarterbacks of the modern era part 1 of 8: AFC East

  • Jim Racalto

So many sports websites thrive off doing Top 10 lists in various categories. You can really make an entertaining list out of anything these days. So I decided to have a little fun, and do a “worst quarterback” list.

I kept the time frame of this list relatively modern, as my definition of modern in regards to this list is 1990 and after.  With some divisions losing/adding teams, and teams relocating, I am keeping the division formats current.

Without further ado, I present to you the first division in my 32 worst quarterbacks list, the AFC East!



Buffalo Bills

Worst quarterback: J.P. Losman

Honorable Mention: Everyone else since 1990 not named Jim Kelly

The Buffalo Bills have had the roughest stretch of any team in the league this decade. Their last playoff appearance was in 1999, and since then they have had a million starting quarterbacks.  Losman tops the list because the Bills selected him 22nd in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. They hoped he would become their franchise quarterback…not even close. Losman was a journeyman most of his career and hasn’t played in the league since 2011. In Losman’s defense, there was plenty of candidates to choose from.

Dolphins v Patriots

(Credit: Bleacher Report)

Miami Dolphins

Worst quarterback: Jay Fiedler

Honorable Mention: Every other backup turned starter since Dan Marino

Jay Fiedler actually wasn’t terrible. He was just insanely mediocre. He was more average than Andy Dalton is now.  But he gets the nod here, because he took over for Dan Marino in 2000.  While Fiedler was better than the likes of A.J. Feeley and Cleo Lemon, his touchdown to interception ratio was 69-66 and his career rating almost made it to 78. So naturally, anyone who backed up Mr. Mediocre gets the honorable mentions.


Literally no decent pictures of this guy, anywhere.(Credit:

New England Patriots

Worst quarterback: Tom Brady

Just kidding: Marc Wilson

Honorable Mention: Hugh Millen

Hearing Marc Wilson and Hugh Millen make me long for the days when I was a kid playing Tecmo Bowl. You were always guaranteed a win playing against the Patriots. Marc Wilson was drafted by the Raiders in the first round in 1980, and came to the Patriots with hopes of rejuvenating his career in 1989. Yeah, right. Wilson had more picks than touchdowns, and the guy who played after him, Hugh Millen, also had more picks than touchdowns. On a bright note, the Patriots haven’t had quarterback issues since 1993, when they found Drew Bledsoe.



New York Jets

Worst quarterback: Mark Sanchez

Honorable Mention: Neil O’Donnell

Mark Sanchez, after going to two straight AFC title games in 2009 and 2010, has regressed terribly. He can’t throw to the right team, and has gotten worse instead of better. He’s gotten so bad that he is now known more for running into his offensive lineman’s ass and fumbling the ball than his success early on. He will probably finish out his career as a journeyman. The Jets also gave former Steeler Neil O’Donnell an outrageous deal after the Steelers defense took O’Donnell to the Super Bowl in 1995. As we all figured, O’Donnell failed miserably in New York and I still hate him to this day.


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