Aaron Rodgers leads his dodge ball team to victory

  • Jim Racalto


Most NFL teams feature a “team building” activity on the final day of their mandatory OTA minicamps. At Lambeau Field, rain forced the Green Bay Packers inside, where they decided on a dodge ball tournament for their activity. Eight captains chose their teams, and when the smoke cleared quarterback Aaron Rodgers had gunned his team to the tournament championship.

Via Packers.com

Teams captained by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and receiver James Jones each won their first two matches and then squared off for bragging rights, with Rodgers’ squad emerging victorious… “I’ve watched ‘DodgeBall’ many times, and I’ve followed the five D’s in dodgeball – dodge, duck, dip, dive and, of course, dodge,” he said. “Patches O’Houlihan and I are good buddies.”

Rodgers’ team beat receiver James Jones’ team in the final match. The final two on the court for Rodgers’ squad were Rodgers and offensive lineman Lane Taylor, taking on Jones and his fellow wideout Jordy Nelson. Apparently Rodgers outsmarted the two to take home the W. Not surprising, as Rodgers regularly outsmarts NFL defenses.


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