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According to sources, Gio Gonzalez is innocent!

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According to ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines,” Gio Gonzalez (recently included in the Biogenesis doping scandal) did not obtain any performance enhancing drugs from the clinic or from Anthony Bosch. Two sources familiar with the operation had previously included Gonzalez on a list with Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and Bartolo Colon. These same sources spoke out independently saying that Gonzalez was the only player previously listed in the documents that did not receive any illegal substances.

“Outside the Lines” obtained a document that helps Gonzalez’s innocence in showing what he had purchased. Gio’s nickname in the ledger was “Gladiator.” The print out states that he obtained $1,000 worth of substances. In the sub notes of the ledger it states the substances sold to “Gladiator,” none of which are performance enhancing drugs or banned substances by the MLB.

The substances obtained by Gonzalez include, glutathoine, IM (intramuscular) shots, and amino acids. Glutathoine is an anti-oxidant and the IM shots are a medically dubious combination of methionine, inositol and choline (used for weight loss) however it is a legal cocktail.

Along with Gio Gonzalez’s innocence, the sources told “Outside the Lines” that there are five more pro baseball players that have a connection to Biogenesis of America. They aren’t at the level of the previous five listed, but their names include Everth Cabrera (SD Padres), Jordan Norberto (Oakland A’s), Fernando Martinez (Houston Astros), Fautino De Los Santos (SD Padres) and Cesar Puello (NY Mets). These players were all listed by Biogenesis of America as having received the PEDs.

Although the MLB has the harshest suspensions and punishments for using performance enhancing drugs, it seems as though players are still using them to get that upper edge. Bud Selig and the players union really need to step it up and increase the amount of random drug tests to ensure these violators are caught by Major League Baseball and not by companies trying to save their own behinds. Until then players will continue to use these drugs and anyone associated with these players, like Gio Gonzalez, will always be thought of to be “cheating.”

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