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Adam Carolla says Tim Tebow should be the Jets punter

  • Jason Whitney

Comedian Adam Carolla talks Tim Tebow during an interview with the Sports-Kings.

We’ve heard by many so-called experts say what position Tim Tebow should play. Well, comedian and former high school standout football player, Adam Carolla, has a different stance on what position Tebow should play. Carolla says Tim Tebow should be the Jets punter. During an interview on the Sports-Kings podcast King Talk Carolla gave his reasonings.

“I’ve always said to somebody, look, the guy (Tebow) is obviously a tremendous athlete, how hard is it to punt a ball?  You know? Put him back as a punter, you’ll never get a full return going.”

On every single fourth and four, fourth and three, fourth and six, you just put Tebow back there and say, ‘listen Tim, you’re punting.’ But if you see some daylight, go ahead. Yell comanche or something and start blocking and see if you can move the chains three yards.”

I literally, I talk to my friend Kevin Hench, who I wrote a movie called The Hammer with, who does a lot of sports writing. I said, I think a team can go a whole year without punting really, or at least without having to punt on their side of the 50 yard-line.”

Seems realistic if the Jets aren’t pinned inside their own 50 yard-line. Hey, his punts can’t be much worse than his passes right? I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some trickery from Tebow out of the punter position this year with his tremendous versatility.

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