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Adrian Peterson to Derrick Rose on torn ACL: Don’t be hesitant

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Adrian Peterson had some words of wisdom for Derrick Rose, who is recovering from a torn ACL like Peterson was just months ago.
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If I am recovering from a torn ACL like Derrick Rose is, I am picking Adrian Peterson’s brain for anything and everything he did to come back from his injury, since what AP is doing right now is astonishing. For those that don’t know, Peterson had tore his ACL just 9 months before returning to the field this season in September, and is currently not only back to his old form, but is leading the NFL in rushing.

Fortunately for Rose, he doesn’t have to go far to seek Peterson’s advice, because Peterson offered it to Rose free of charge, and here it is:

“How far out is he (six months)?” Peterson said. “My advice for him would be to just attack it. Right now, the ligament is strong enough to cut with it. Don’t be hesitant. When you’re out doing drills, do it as you normally would any other day. Push yourself and challenge yourself. That’s the only way you’ll build the strength and confidence to where it should be.”

“And that’s what I would tell him: ‘Man, you’re (six months out), you’re strong, you can’t damage it unless a freak accident takes place,” he said. “Attack it like any other day and make sure, when you’re done working out, you know you’ve accomplished something.’ “

Like I said, Rose should take everything Peterson is saying as gospel. The real key of Peterson’s statement is the emphasis he puts on confidence; I am a firm believer that sports are more about confidence than physical talent. Rose will recover, but that’s not the real issue. The biggest concern that Rose and the Bulls should have is how long will it take for Derrick Rose to be Derrick Rose, a guy who will bully his way to the bucket with no regard for the consequences.

If he’s anything like Peterson, that day is nearing. Let’s hope, because the NBA is missing one of their most exciting players right now.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Site Manager

As always, shout out to BlackSportsOnline for the scoop.

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