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After Avery Johnson Firing, Son Goes On Twitter Rant

  • Mark Evans

Today, the Brooklyn Nets fired head coach Avery Johnson amidst a mediocre start to the season. There are certainly plenty of people out there who will question the move, as there seemed to be deeper problems with the Nets than the coaching. Deron Williams and Johnson forgetting how to shoot being one of them.

Not surprisingly, you can add Avery Johnson’s son to the list of people who aren’t happy with the move. In fact, Avery Johnson Jr. was so unhappy that he decided to take his feelings directly to twitter.



He has a point. When your best two players are shooting 40% and 42% from the field, it’s going to be tough to win games.

Keep in mind that while in Utah, legendary coach Jerry Sloan left the Jazz while him and Deron Williams had a dispute.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content


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