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Albert Pujols shocks the Baseball World

  • Andy Flint

Pujols has just signed a deal with the Los Angeles Angels for for $250-260 million over 10 years. Add in that no trade clause the Halo’s gave him and it’s a deal. The Angels are obviously trying to accomplish a World Series victory now and not in 5-10 years. I say 6 years down the road this deal will be a disaster.  The Angels will have an old declining first basemen who will waste their DH spot for years. Sort of like the Alex Rodriguez situation with the Yankees right now. The Angels had a fine first basemen in Kendry Morales. I’m completely shocked and confused as to why this happened.

Pujols is probably trying to get back at the Cardinals for not extending his contract last year. In reality the Cardinals weren’t spited. They’ll won’t have a monster contract handicapping their team for the next 10 years with a declining legend. Remember they got the absolute best of Pujols’ career whether you want to believe it or not.

Looking to the Angels their lineup I see Kendrick, Pujols, Trumbo, and Trout being their key pieces. Then you have overrated and aging players like Abreu and Hunter.

A side note on this story is that the Angels also signed C.J. Wilson to a 5 year $77.5 million deal. They now have  a staff consisting of Weaver, Haren, Wilson, and Santana. Not sure of their 5th starter, but he won’t be that bad. They have themselves a nice rotation now. They will need it to defeat the American League Champions, the Texas Rangers. Who now have a weaker rotation, but a very strong lineup. Does Texas know something we don’t know?

I’m not buying the Angels hype as the current best team in baseball. Give me the Phillies, Rangers, Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, and maybe even the Cardinals over them right now. Berkman will now move to first base so hopefully they can plug Craig in right field. At least Pujols didn’t go live from Bristol, CT to announce he’s taking his talents to South Cal.

By Lead Columnist Joe F 

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