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Aldon Smith accused in lawsuit of shooting weapon

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If you don’t remember back this far, San Francisco 49ers star linebacker/defensive end Aldon Smith was stabbed last year. Smith only suffered minor injuries, and it seemed as if the issue was past him. However, the story just came with a little twist. The Niners linebacker is now being named in a civil lawsuit pertaining to that same party, where he is accused of firing a weapon repeatedly. Now former teammate, tight end Delanie Walker has also been named in the suit with Smith.

Details from the lawsuit filed say Smith and Walker were “legally intoxicated,” and “brandished handguns and began shooting in the air”

The short story goes like this: Smith threw a party at his house, wanted everybody to get out, and started firing a gun in the air. This resulted in return fire from another group, and a man was injured.

If true, Smith could fully expect a call from Roger Goodell, and this could seriously put the 49ers Super Bowl chances in danger.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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