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Andre Reed is unimpressed with today’s touchdown celebrations.

  • Jim Racalto

Sports-Kings’ Jason Whitney and Jim Racalto recently had the pleasure of interviewing former Buffalo Bills wide receiver and Hall of Fame candidate Andre Reed, and one of the topics that came up was how today’s receivers seem to take touchdown celebrations to an extreme. While Reed obviously said he liked to score touchdowns, he had this take after we asked what he thought about how players celebrate scores in the game today:


“I never had a choreographed routine or dance that I did….and these guys once they get in there, a lot of them are ‘me me’ guys, look at me, look what I did. That’s what you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to score touchdowns.”

Reed also went on to talk about how celebrations can lead to penalties that could possibly cost a team the game:

“A lot of times, that TD celebration can cost, it could be a penalty and cost the game. So they gotta be pretty careful….it’s a different league.”

Granted, Reed did play in a different era where touchdown dances weren’t a big thing, but they have come to the limelight recently with Commissioner Goodell and the officials cracking down on them. Let’s see if some of the receivers of today take notice of Andre’s words and get focused on the game, not themselves.

Reed also touched on the current situation with Bills wideout Stevie Johnson. Johnson has been sort of a scapegoat for these celebration rules, but Reed was adamant about how important it is that the Bills resign him. He stated:

“If the Bills GM is listening, resign Stevie Johnson.” 

That sums up the thoughts of not only Reed, but pretty much every Bills fan. We can only hope Bills General Manager Buddy Nix is listening and avoids making another disastrous front office decision by not resigning Johnson, and instead makes the smart decision to make the team better.

We can only hope.


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2 Responses to Andre Reed is unimpressed with today’s touchdown celebrations.

  • One Sunday morning,a little over five years ago,I turned on the Atlanta Falcons Radio Network to listen to the pregame program.Surprisingly to me,given the miserable state of the franchise at the time,the story line of the day was that Falcons players were passing the word around that there was some secret,special celebration that everyone should look for when they scored their first touchdown.

    For the rest of morning,the more I heard about it and thought about it ,the madder I got about it.So 12:30 comes around and I’m walking into the neighborhood bar to watch the game.And the place is buzzing about this secret,special,surprise,stealth touchdown celebration that we all are supposed to watch for when the first Falcons touchdown is scored.

    So I’m walking across the floor greeting people and a friend grabs my arm and asks,”hey,did you hear about the surprise celebration when the Falcons score a touchdown?” The only response that I could come up with,as I walked away toward the mens room was “well… would think that the players on an offense that scores 12 points per game,would have something more constructive to think about than the celebration of a touchdown that they may not even score.”I seamed to be the only person in the room that was pissed about it.

    In the time it took for me to take a leak,and walk back into the room,the buzz in the bar had changed from ‘I wonder what the celebration is going to be?’into a bunch of pissed off people wondering if those jackass players realized how pathetic they look and what if they didn’t score at all.And what a hideous mess our franchise had become.

    Well,they did score a single touchdown AGAIN that day.And afterward four players ran up to a network camera,pulled up their jerseys to reveal their ‘Free Michael Vick’ T shirts underneath,refering to his incarceration at that time.

    So here you have these idiot players,publicly supporting an incarcerated teammate,on network television.Meanwhile,the players performance would suck for the rest of that season,while the incarcerated player would go on to steal tens of millions of dollars from the franchise and set the franchise back 5 years competitively and cripple it’s salary cap for 10 years.

    The public has become numb to this kind of stupidity because they hear it excused and defended and overlooked by the jock sniffing sports media.The story in a touchdown dance by a player whos team is behind by 40 points is the insult to the fans,the franchise ownership and all we get from sports media is to grade the dance on an entertainment value of 1 to 10.

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