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Antonio Cromartie says he’s the second best Jets receiver

  • Jason Whitney

Antonio Cromartie says he is the second best New York Jet receiver, only behind Santonio Holmes

A few days ago, Rex Ryan informed us all that Antonio Cromartie was going to be playing some wide receiver. Well apparently after a few practices Antonio Cromartie has proclaimed himself the second best receiver, only behind Santonio Holmes. Did I mention this is after taking exactly one-rep in practice on Monday?

Cromartie told ESPN’s First Take he believes he is the teams second best option:

“I think I’d put myself as second,” he said. “I haven’t really played it in the past four or five years, but I can put myself as the second just with raw ability and talent going out there, I think, me separating and being a more physical guy out there on the outside.”

Asked why he thinks he’s better than the other options the New York Jets have at wide receiver, Cromartie said:

“Kerley is a more of a slot receiver, he’s a slot guy,” he said. “Stephen Hill is a younger guy that can get down the field. I think, for me, I can run every single route in the route tree. I’m not going to take anything away from my ability, so when you ask me that question, I’m going to say, yes, I believe I’m one of the best receivers on the football team, next to Santonio Holmes.”



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