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Arian Foster blasts “Ron” Parker

  • Jim Racalto

By now, it’s all over the sports world that ESPN analyst Rob Parker made some idiotic statements on First Take this week about Washington Redskins rookie phenom QB, Robert Griffin III. Thus far, it’s been a consensus that Parker went a little too far questioning RGIII for having a white fiance and wearing his hair in braids. He even questioned Griffin’s “blackness.”

Houston Texans star running back Arian Foster caught wind of Parker’s comments, and although he had no idea who Parker was at the time (he called him “Ron”), Foster sounded off about the race issue on Twitter:


foster tweet 2



Arian Foster seems to echo what many think about this situation. Rob Parker is a known race baiter who throws color into every conversation whether it’s valid or not. Before this nonsense, I had heard nothing but high praise for RGIII and his character. Arian Foster hit the nail on the head: when Rob Parker and people like him (white and black) go out of their way to make race an issue, this country will never be united. I too hope we can get past skin color one day.





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