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Arian Foster: Thursday night games put every player in danger

  • Jim Racalto

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster isn’t shy about expressing his opinion. He is apparently not a fan of Thursday night games. He sees them as dangerous and hypocritical.

Per PFT:

Foster, who will face the Colts this Thursday, said he doesn’t know a player or fan that likes the games, which he correctly pointed out are a way for the league to generate more revenue. Foster also said that he felt that desire to generate revenue came at the expense of the league’s stance on player safety.

“They emphasize concussions when they start getting hit with lawsuits and they care about the players’ safety but Thursday Night Football is putting every player on the football field in danger,” Foster said, via the Houston Chronicle.

Foster has a point. Teams only get a few days to recover before Thursday night games, plus there’s no coincidence that the quality of the games has been poor so far this year. It does seem somewhat hypocritical to have players play games so close together, but at the same time emphasize player safety.

We’ll see if the NFLPA and the NFL find a resolution to this issue next season, because most players clearly are not in favor of Thursday Night Football.

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