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Arizona Cardinals player once cursed out Madden ratings creator

  • Jim Racalto

Donny Moore works for EA Sports, and has one of the toughest jobs in the gaming industry. He is in charge of rating every player in the NFL for the Madden franchise. It seems like every guy thinks he is a 95, and players are rarely happy with their ratings outside of Peyton Manning.

To be fair, I play Madden a lot, and Moore does a pretty decent job of factoring in all kinds of things – speed, agility, route-running, accuracy, power, etc. It isn’t an easy job by any means, but some players do get unfair Madden ratings.

Moore recalls only one time a specific player was seriously unhappy with his rating.

Per New York Post:

Only one time, Moore said, he felt he truly angered a player. Moore won’t name the player, but when an EA Sports film crew went to scan the face of the Arizona Cardinals player, he asked them to deliver an “F-bomb-filled” message to Moore.

If I had to guess, I’d go with Darnell Dockett. He’s never been at a loss for words and isn’t afraid to show his emotions. As with any job, Moore can’t please everyone. Madden ’15 is due to hit shelves later this month, and we’ll keep an eye out for unfair ratings and player freakouts.

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