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Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson calls teammates out for ‘quitting’

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Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson
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Even if you have played sports casually, you know there is NOTHING worse that you can say about an athlete than saying he is a quitter, or wasn’t trying. Most athletes would prefer you call them out on their abilities and techniques before you’d ever question their heart. Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson, who was sidelined for his teams showdown against first-ranked Alabama, was not happy with his teammates after their 52-0 embarrassing loss to the Crimson Tide. The Arkansas starting quarterback was upset to the point that he went into the post-game press conference, and accused some of his teammates of quitting.

Here are some of his quotes from the press conference:

“Sucks I couldn’t be out there to do something about it. Do I feel that we, at times, gave up out there? Yeah, absolutely.” Wilson said.

He wasn’t done there: “As a leader, it sucks to see people not do their jobs and to see things go wrong. There has been a lot of things go that way.” After that, Wilson simply said “That’s all I got,” walked out of the press conference and took no questions.


Clearly, there is all types of frustration in those quotes from Wilson. Frustration that his team got outclassed by the best team in the country 52-0, and that he couldn’t even be on the field to help out his teammates. Either way, calling your teammates quitters is really no way to go about venting frustrations, regardless of whether the statement is true. Accusations like that should be dealt with in-house, and not with the media. Either way, the quotes are out there, and Wilson can’t take them back, and it will be interesting to see how the Arkansas team responds at this clear crossroads in their young season.

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