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Andrew Shaw to auction off Stanley Cup stitches

  • Joe Ray
andrew shaw

An autographed photo of Andrew Shaw, to be included with his Game Six stitches. (Facebook photo)

The display of grit and tenacity from Andrew Shaw during Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals was remarkable. After getting hit in the face with a puck in the first period, Shaw had to get stitches for a wound on his right cheek. That didn’t keep Shaw from battling through the rest of the game, logging ten minutes of ice time and helping the Blackhawks capture their second Stanley Cup in four years with his facial wound bleeding through the stitches the whole time.

Shaw’s effort to contribute to his team in that game may prove to be those stitches’ second-greatest accomplishment. According to Puck Daddy blogger Greg Wyshynski, Shaw’s stitches will be auctioned off for charity on behalf of the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. The winner of the 10-day eBay auction will receive a framed autographed photo of Shaw from the Stanley Cup Finals encased with the stitches, among other prizes.

Shaw’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last October, but has since seen the cancer removed completely. As Justin Breen of wrote, Shaw wanted the contributions to go to breast cancer research in wake of his mom’s diagnosis.

Joel Alpert of AM Sports Marketing approached Shaw after Game 6 and asked if he’d keep the stitches for a charity auction.

“Andrew expressed an interest in raising money for breast cancer research, and The V Foundation promised the donation would be directed to breast cancer research grants,” he told Breen.

Making a comeback is never an easy thing, whether from a hockey shot to the face or from breast cancer. Andrew Shaw’s desire to make his Stanley Cup effort have a charitable effect is truly commendable.

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