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Boy finds Montreal Stanley Cup ring in New Brunswick river

  • Joe Ray

Winning the Stanley Cup is one of the highest pinnacles in all of sport, and the Stanley Cup ring is one of the most visible ways for players to remember their grand accomplishment. Imagine the astonishment when a boy from Eastern Canada found a ring sitting in a river!

A Montreal Canadiens championship ring was found in the Restigouche River in New Brunswick by eight-year-old Anthony Theriault. CBC reporter Bridget Yard chronicled the chance discovery by Theriault. Based on the engravings on the side of the ring, it would appear to belong to 96-year-old former Canadien Elmer Lach.

Lach, who was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1966, had quite an illustrious career. In addition to two NHL scoring titles and one Hart Trophy, the former Montreal center won Stanley Cups with the team in 1944, 1946, and 1953. The family claims that the ring found by Theriault came from the 1946 Stanley Cup victory, in which Lach finished the postseason with five goals and 12 assists, the most points he had in any postseason.

However, as this post from theScore indicates, the Canadiens did not start giving out rings for Stanley Cup victories until 1976, which is 22 years after Lach retired from the NHL. Perhaps Lach had a ring made retroactively, but the best way to confirm the ring’s authenticity would be for the family to contact Lach, who resides far from New Brunswick in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

If the ring does not turn out to be counterfeit, it would certainly be quite a find for a young Canadian kid like Theriault.

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