NHL’s Facebook page asks really dumb question; gets destroyed by fans

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“Who’s better? Jamie Benn, or Shawn Matthias?” This seemingly innocent question, posed by the official Facebook page of the NHL, set a lot of fans off. Because, well, maybe this question wasn’t so much innocent, as it was plain stupid.

See, Jamie Benn, left wing for the Dallas Stars, was an All-Star in 2012, and has more career goals (82) in four seasons than Matthias, center for the Florida Panthers, has total points (81) in six career NHL campaigns. Overall, these are their career numbers:

Jamie Benn: 82 goals, 111 assists, 193 points, 263 NHL games (2009-13)

Shawn Matthias: 39 goals, 42 assists, 81 points, 253 NHL games (2007-13)

The glaring disparity between these two players was not lost on NHL fans. Soon after the NHL posted the photo with the two players and the question “Head-to-head: Who’s the better forward? Official Dallas Stars Jamie Benn, or The Florida Panthers Shawn Matthias”, the comments section turned into a feeding frenzy.

A screenshot of the picture is below.

Dumb NHL question

Some of the comments are visible in the picture; all others can be seen if you follow the link. Highlights include:

“Is this a joke”

“Who is Shawn Matthias??”

“Go home NHL, you’re drunk”

“did NHL’s facebook account get taken over by a 5 year old”

“last time I checked, Shawn Matthias didn’t get a perfect score at the accuracy competition at the all star game.  actually shawn matthias didn’t even go. actually, who is shawn matthias.” (This is in reference to Jamie Benn’s victory in the Accuracy Competition at the 2012 All-Star Game)

“should ask whos better the entire florida panthers team or Jamie Benn”

“This is a joke, right? Matthias couldn’t hold Benn’s jock strap. Jamie Benn by far.”

“Is this NHL admin trolling? Who’s a better goaltender, (Rick) DiPietro or a blind, one armed monkey raping a football?” 

Maybe the NHL’s social media department needs an overhaul. Or at least, will have learned their lesson and won’t pose such a ridiculous question in the future. Hockey fans aren’t stupid, and clearly aren’t going to tolerate being asked if an All-Star forward is better than a player with half as many career points as him.

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