Pittsburgh Penguins’ #AskNeal Turns Into Hilarious Disaster

  • Scott Huntington

Oh, Twitter, how you never cease to entertain us. We’ve seen some bad social media marketing attempts, like the Toronto Maple Leafs “Sea of Blue” disaster, so it’s amazing that people haven’t learned a few lessons by now. Thankfully for us, they haven’t.

The Pittsburgh Penguins social media had the bright idea to create an #AskNeal hashtag game, where loving Penguins fans could ask harmless questions to James Neal, like “What’s your favorite color of hockey puck” or “What was your favorite game?”

Well, they picked some pretty bad timing, as Puck Daddy recently posted an article saying “James Neal is Everything that’s Wrong with the NHL.” Neal has been fined and suspended several times for dirty play, and the Puck Daddy article got everyone talking. So of course, this was the perfect time for #AskNeal. What could go wrong?


Here are some of the best Tweets of the hilarious disaster:

Alex Sheltman If you opened a bar how cheap would your shots be #AskNeal

Zak ~  If a tree falls down in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does James Neal still cross check it in the face? #AskNeal

Saint Peztrick’s Day  Hi, @Penguins. My 10 year old didn’t bring the trash out should I knee her or cross check her face off of her face.

tony berta How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could cross check someone in the face #AskNeal

Reide Hale  #AskNeal Hey James! Was wondering; who’s your favorite immediate family member to punch square in the mouth when they beat you at Monopoly?

kevin helias  #askneal if you could go back in time and play with any player in history, which one would you knee in the face?

Steph If Crosby wasn’t your teammate, would you try to knee him in the head or use a different body part to contact his head? #askneal

Gianni Maiorano How many elbows does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? #AskNeal

Steph  If you could have any super power, how would you use it to hit opponents in the head? #askneal

And then one that wasn’t about playing dirty but still pretty harsh:

BruinsSermon Where were you last year in the Eastern Conference Final? #AskNeal

Check out Twitter for more hilarity. As a Penguins fan myself, I gotta say that Neal had this coming. Hopefully it will make him think twice about his play and he’ll start to turn things around. And hopefully the Penguins social media team thinks twice before they walk into another cringe-worthy situation like this.

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