Predators Have Coyotes-Themed Car for Fans to Smash With Sledgehammer

  • Arun Morace

In the wake of the Nashville Predators’ 5-3 loss to the Phoenix Coyotes last night, a loss that puts Nashville in a 2-0 hole in their Western Conference semifinal playoff series with Phoenix, the team has come up with a unique way for fans to show their support and also take out their frustration.

The Predators, who posted the above picture on Facebook  along with the caption “LIKE this if you’re ready to smash it with the sledgehammer!”, have had an Audi A4 car custom-painted with Coyotes colors and logos, and have set it up in front of their home ice, the Bridgestone Arena. In keeping with the Predators’ “Smashville” nickname, fans will be allowed to smash the the car with a sledgehammer in order to show their displeasure towards the Coyotes while showing their support for the team.

Game 3 between Predators and Coyotes will take place Wednesday, May 2 in Nashville at 9pm.

By Arun Morace

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