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Sidney Crosby draws questionable penalty in overtime

  • David

The Pittsburgh Penguins have had quite the struggle with the New York Islanders the last two games. In fact, it took a very questionable holding penalty on defenseman Brian Strait in order for the Penguins to get an early overtime power play and win the game. Many announcers, including Jeremy Roenick and the controversial Mike Milbury, agree that there should not have been a penalty called. This is overtime of the playoffs. Regulation, yea I get it, but in overtime only slashes that break sticks, high sticks that are blatanly obvious and fighting majors are generally called. You be the judge.



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11 Responses to Sidney Crosby draws questionable penalty in overtime

  • You seriously suggesting that only certain penalties get called in overtime? or that that was not holding and that just because it’s overtime you can grab a guys shoulders from behind and put him on the ground?

    • Yea I am not only suggesting but stating that only certain penalties are called in overtime. The refs let a lot go in playoff overtime hockey. Crosby was held but the penalty wasn’t called until he “fell.” He was leaning on the defender after the defender let him go and as the defender slowed down Crosby fell and the penalty was called. Had they called the penalty when Strait’s hands were on Crosby’s shoulder for that one second sure, but in playoff hockey that was a terrible call. Surely you are entitled to your opinion but unless you are a Pittsburgh fan, you thought that call was iffy at best.

      • You are an idiot. Rules are rules and should be enforced the same all the time. If not holding, how about tripping? Watch Strait’s right skate take out Crosby’s right skate. Are you related to Mike Dickbury?

  • You are not the ‘only one’ suggesting it. Islander fans all have that feeling. Oh, and two NBC broadcasters who have been trying to become America’s Don Cherry.
    My question.. was that a penalty? It denied a very good scoring chance. It was clearly holding. So was it a penalty? Yes.
    If the player hauled down was named Pasqual Dupuis, you don’t write this article. Who is going to read “Chris Kunitz Draws Questionable Penalty in OT”? No one. So good on you for getting some clicks by using the most polarizing name in sports. J.R. does it, so why not everyone else.
    After the 2005 lockout, the Red Wings made it to the Finals twice. They were one of the first teams to ‘get it’.. to realize the new holding and obstruction rules go out the window in April. I’ve always hated that. If it’s a penalty in November, its a penalty in May. It makes the league look bad. If that move video above is a 2-minute minor, get in the box. If you want that kind of crap to go on again in the NHL, get rid of the rule.

    Having the rule and ignoring it makes no sense whatsoever.

    • I don’t consider Jeremy Roenick to be trying to become Don Cherry. Mike Milbury, who I hate with a passion, is just a prick. Now, with it being hockey playoffs and a huge change in the game, I would have still written a small article with a video about it because it ended the game. Regardless of what you may think it was a very questionable call. An embellishment penalty should have been called on Crosby (remember he is one of the “greatest skaters in the game”) because simply put he didnt fall until after Strait let go and got by him. Also to your notion that there’s not a difference in overtime penalties and regulation penalties, there have been 9 overtime periods played and only 8 penalties. 4 of the 8 have been high sticking, 2 have been delay of game, 1 holding the stick and 1 holding. So 6 of the 8 penalties are of the obvious and aren’t “opinion” calls. I agree that it should be a penalty from November (or in this years case January) until June, however if they aren’t going to ref it that way and call some and not others in important stretches of the game then certainly don’t be the reason a game was won/lost. Honestly Pittsburgh probably would have won the game anyways, but the refs should let them play unless its so blatantly obvious that you have to call it. My opinion is that the holding was an iffy call and if they wanna call it correctly then its 4 on 4 because the world knows that Crosby fell on his own and that by the book is embellishment.

  • I think that mike milbury and jeremy roenick are idiots. They both bash the Penguins and their players every chance they get. I think roenick is just jealous because Crosby is twice the player he ever was.

  • The ref had his had up to indicate a penalty long before the whistle blew as Crosby still had possesion of the puck. The wistle blew as the golie for the Isles gained possesion(NHL Rules 101). So your statement that the penality wasn’t called till Crosby fell is as dumb as you are. Learn the ruls of Hockey a hold is a hold. Why no arguement from Strait? He went right to the Box no arguement. Good call in October or in May.

  • I’m sorry, at the :27 second mark, Strait has BOTH hands on Crosby, trying to keep from getting beaten. Crosby falls down.. if your biggest argument for a ‘dive’ is that Crosby is a great skater… you’ve never laced up skates. That’s a penalty REGARDLESS of if he falls down or not. And if it takes a Crosby or Kane or Ovechkin or Tavares to plop on their ass to show the ref they just got mugged, so be it. I personally hate the fact that since it’s the sacred ‘playoffs’, we revert to 2004 rules. I lost a year of my favorite sport from a lockout that in part was trying to get that garbage out of the game so we can watch some skill prevail.
    PuckDaddy had it right. YES Crosby draws a lot of penalties. Because he works his ASS off. Strait doesn’t haul Sid down, there’s a chance as good as any power play he scores or sets up a goal after getting around him.

  • wow Kettner…looks like people are eating your lunch on this one… you stop with your one-sided hating on Crosby next time before you open your mouth or put fingers to the keyboard.

    • I don’t believe I have at all bashed Crosby. Also I am pointing towards the fact that the rules are different in overtime which has been seen for years. Things called in November aren’t called the same in May. I am simply stating what is seen. Sure I think the call was questionable, but that is based upon the fact of what these refs do and don’t call in postseason OT. It is my opinion that it isn’t a call, clearly it is the opinion of 3 of you that it was a penalty. I agree rules are rules, but when they aren’t called in the playoffs it is brought up with scrutiny as was the case in the opinion’s of Roenick and Milbury. I for one never agree with Milbury, however for once I did that’s why it was included. As for the notion that my biggest argument is a dive, that is me referring to the fact that rules are rules. I have watched it a few more times and will admit I didnt catch Strait’s foot taking out Crosby’s skate so my bad B.Jones, good look. Seems like it will be a long series, so I am sure there will be more videos to come from one team or the other.

  • Hello just wanted too give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show
    the same results.

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