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Stars’ Kari Lehtonen makes his submission for save of the year

  • Arun Morace

Anyone who watches the Dallas Stars knows just how much goaltender Kari Lehtonen does for the team. He covers up for a lot of poor defensive play, and keeps his team in the game more often than not. And sometimes, Lehtonen keeps the Stars in the game with something absolutely ridiculous. There was the behind-the-back save vs. Columbus. The sprawling kick-save vs. Phoenix. And tonight Lehtonen did this against Colorado, absolutely robbing Avalanche forward John Mitchell:

No stick, no problem. Just lie on your side and kick the puck out of midair and cover it. No big deal. The play was reviewed by the referees, who confirmed it was a clean save and that the puck did not enter the net….but who knows, maybe they just wanted to watch this play a few more times in slow-mo.

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