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Video: Pavel Datsyuk beats four Predators for goal

  • Joe Ray

Part of what makes the Detroit Red Wings’ Pavel Datsyuk so amazing to watch is how effortless he is in dominating hockey games. The three-time Selke Trophy winner is known for his excellent two-way play, but then he can turn around and make dazzling offensive moves that leave viewers stunned.

Check out this goal, where Datsyuk simply splits the defense of the Nashville Predators, beating four men en route to putting a snap shot past Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne.

Although this goal evened the game at 3, the Red Wings would be the losers as Nashville’s Shea Weber scored 44 seconds into overtime. Still, this could be one of the year’s top 10 goals at season’s end.

Joe has been writing for the Sports-Kings network since July 2012, covering football and hockey. Follow him on Twitter @jpray_SK.

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