WATCH: Caps’ Mike Green misses check, falls into own bench

  • Arun Morace

Epic fail. It’s a term still kicking around the internet, used to describe when someone screws up so badly, it isn’t just some garden-variety foul-up. It’s a failure of epic proportions that should not go ignored. And this video featuring Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green qualifies as one of those fails of epic magnitude.

Mike Green is an NHL defenseman who has been in the league for nearly nine full years. The man should know how to successfully execute a body check, amirite? (Hooray, more unwanted and awkwardly used internet slang….)

Well, apparently not. During the first period of Washington’s 4-2 victory tonight against the visiting Edmonton Oilers, Green took a run at Oilers forward Jesse Joensuu, only to miss. Badly. Check out the hilarious aftermath for yourself:

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