WATCH: Goalie chats with fans, gives up game-winner

  • Joe Ray

As a goaltender in hockey, the game gets pretty boring when your team is in the opposing end. However, you still have to be paying a little attention to make sure you don’t make a mockery of yourself.  Utah State goaltender Keegan McHenry, unfortunately, got a little lost in the action.

In an ACHA hockey game between Utah State and Denver this week, McHenry was out of his net chatting with some fans as the play started in Denver’s end. Denver defenseman Robert Biedron caught the goaltender out of position and scored the game-winner from his own end. Check out the crazy goal courtesy of Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney:

As the announcers noted after the goal, it is the referee’s responsibility to make sure both sides are ready to play before dropping the puck. However, McHenry was totally to blame for ignoring the play at the other end.

The only advice that can be offered to this unfortunate goaltender? Keep your head in the game.

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