Auburn tree poisoner sentenced to prison

  • David Whitlock

Rivalries are rivalries, but crossing the line will get you jail time.  The cause celebre case of crazed Alabama fan Harvey Updyke poisoning the Toomer’s Corner Oaks on the Auburn campus has officially resulted in Jail Time.  According to the AP (via Fox News):

The Alabama fan who poisoned the iconic Toomer’s Corner oak trees at rival Auburn has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Court filings Friday show that Harvey Updyke Jr. pleaded guilty to desecrating a venerated object and damaging an animal or crop facility. The sentence requires him to serve at least six months in jail and spend five years on supervised probation. He has been credited with 104 days already served.

The biggest shame is that a college tradition was killed.  Looking back (as Alabama has since won two more titles), this event seemed to be pouting over the only title NOT won by Alabama in an Olympiad.  Ridiculous.  Frankly, I would have liked to see the minimum more, and perhaps unusual reparations, such as community service on the Auburn campus.  Including the planting of a dozen or more trees.
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