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Audio of Floyd Mayweather trying to read is brutal

  • Jason Whitney

50 cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to read one page of Harry Potter yesterday

Apparently 50 Cent was correct in his analysis of Floyd Mayweather‘s reading skills. The rapper challenged Floyd to the Ice Bucket Challenge in addition to reading one page of a Harry Potter book out loud without any mistakes. If successful, 50 would donate $750,000 to ALS. Talk about a new twist in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Anyway, audio surfaced today of Floyd Mayweather trying to read a short clip via a New York City morning show called The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne Tha God, one of the hosts, read the short script that was part of Mayweather’s drop and it took him 10 seconds. As for Mayweather, it didn’t go so well.

Here is the scrip:

“I’m Floyd Mayweather and I’ve joined IHeartRadio for the Show Your Stripes movement to support the hiring of vets. Go to, a website that connects veterans with employees and helps businesses find candidates with the best training.”

But this is hardly the end of it! 50 Cent upped the trash talking ante by telling Floyd that he doesn’t have to struggle through a page of Harry Potter. Instead, he will let him read one page of the Dr. Seuss children’s book, Cat in the Hat. However, 50 also states that it has to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Buckle up…


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