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Jim Harbaugh likens 49ers’ players to Wolverine


Some NFL players have scars and wounds from the rigorous day-to-day life that is that of a professional athlete. Some players live with pins and screws in their bodies. In the case of this current San Fransisco 49ers’ team, they’ve apparently borrowed a tactic from Marvel Comics and namely X-Men favorite, Wolverine. Well, according to head coach, Jim Harbaugh, that is. When referring to how his team responded to negative publicity throughout preseason, Harbaugh said that his players have “titanium in the spine”. This referring to the way the 49ers came through and won their week one game on the road.

“It’s very encouraging. There’s been a lot of rhetoric on a lot of different topics. And a lot of opinion,” Harbaugh said.“I think this game was about steel in the spine and when it comes to 49ers players, that’s where they excel. They’ve got titanium in the spine.”

Is that even legal? I’m fairly certain you can’t go all Robocop on the league. But in all seriousness, perhaps Harbaugh has a valid point, in terms of speaking of San Fran’s overall heart and will to win, or having a strong backbone. This team did crawl out a hole they dug themselves during preseason, and responded in a tough environment, to gain a win during week one, after everyone was proclaiming them as being done.



J.J. Watt comments on life after huge contract


Houston Texans defensive-end, J.J. Watt, recently landed a huge, $100 million contract for his outstanding play over the past three seasons in the NFL. Watt says that he doesn’t want to be one of those players who receives a big deal and falls off the face of the globe.

“I don’t want to be the guy that people say got the money and shut down,” Watt said. “The goal is to always be great.”

Watt’s been the NFL’s most intense defensive player for thew past couple of seasons, notching 182 tackles and 36.5 sacks in his first three seasons, while completely setting the tone for defensive linemen across the league.

Watt refers to a laundry-list of NFL players and athletes who receive a big payday and then fall asleep at the wheel. With his work ethic and overall intensity, it would be hard to imagine Watt just taking plays off and becoming a non-factor.

Watt recorded three tackles, one sack and a fumble recovery on Sunday, as the Texans defeated the Washington Redskins by a score of 17-6 in Houston.

The Texans will need Watt at full speed this season, as first-round pick, Jadeveon Clowney will miss significant time with a torn meniscus, suffered in week one’s win over the Redskins.

Joe Flacco’s upset with Ravens’ offensive performance


Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens started their bid for 2015 NFL champs by facing-off with the Cincinnati Bengals during the opening week of NFL action. What better way to kick-off the season than a tough matchup against a divisional foe?

Flacco launched 62 passes on Sunday, completing just 35 of them, for 345 passing yards and one touchdown in the 23-16 loss in Baltimore. Flacco seemed rather upset with the entire offense after the game, including himself.

“We just played about as bad as you can, in terms of just simple fundamental things — throwing, catching, running routes, staying up, just running the ball, couple mental busts,” quarterbackJoe Flacco said after the 23-16 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, per the team’s official transcript. “Just fundamental things that you do every day, and it’s just part of the routine, and we just weren’t doing (them) well.”

62 passes is a ton, and with Ray Rice serving a two-game suspension, passing seems like the right call. The addition of Steve Smith will likely also increase the air-attack for the Ravens this season, but the offense simply can’t become one-dimensional if Baltimore plans to make the playoffs.

What can the Ravens do next week, if they plan to get back to .500 against another divisional rival, int he Pittsburgh Steelers, on Thursday night? Flacco could probably cutback on the mistakes, acknowledging the fact that he didn’t play very well either. Flacco likely cost the Ravens three-points, as he took a sack, rather than just getting rid of the ball during the first half of play.

“That was probably the stupidest play I’ve ever made in football,” Flacco said.

With Cinci looking like they picked up where they left off last season, and after watching a very competitive game between the Steelers and Browns, the Ravens have to be worried that this division could run away from them rather quickly, if they can’t get things on track soon.

Adam LaRoche hits pinch hit homer in the ninth; finishes with 5 RBIs in CRAZY 14 inning game

Washington Nationals first basemen Adam LaRoche hit a pinch hit two-run home run in the ninth inning and would finish with 5 RBIs in a game that went 14 innings. The Los Angeles Dodgers had plenty of their own dramatics as well as both teams had game-tying home runs and errors to make for one of the craziest games you’ll see.

The top of the ninth inning is when the game started getting crazy as the Nationals would actually take the lead 3-2, before a Jayson Werth error with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Werth dropped a routine fly ball that would have ended the game, but instead the error allowed the game-tying run to score from first base.

After leading the entire game 2-0 until the ninth inning, the Los Angeles Dodgers would come back from a 3-2 deficit and then a 5-3 hole in the 13 inning as the dramatics continued when Carl Crawford hit a game tying two-run shot of his own.

The game lasted lasted 5 hours, 34 minutes, and finally ended when Nationals pitcher Blake Treinen closed the door the final two-innings for the win.

Andre Iguodala Tweets zing about Kevin Durant, Under Armour


By now we’ve all watched as Under Armour courted Kevin Durant, and ultimately fell short to the mecca in sports attire, Nike. Durant had a $265 million-plus deal from Under Armour awaiting his approval, but Nike matched the deal and Durant decided to stay with the biggest sports’ brand in the world. No brainer, right?

This has led to all sorts of speculation on social media. Atlanta Hawks guard, Kent Bazemore, shouted out KD, on Twitter, for even considering UA’s deal.

This is where things got funny, as Golden State Warriors forward, Andre Iguodala chimed in with a comment that had me rolling.

I’m not sure how Halle chooses her next life companion, but I assume you have to be a male model, or something close. Iguodala is a great ball player, but I’m not sure, in terms of looks, that he’s in Halle-s league. Sorry, Iggy, I hate to burst your bubble.

To be fair to Under Armour, they have really started to muscle-in on Nike’s turf over the past few years, as their brand continues to grow. Reports were fairly consistent that KD was strongly considering their offer, before Nike jumped in and saved one of their most prized endorsers.

PHOTO: Giants fan sports hilarious Manning jersey

The New York football Giants faced-off against the New England Patriots on Thursday, as they took the field for their fourth and final game before the regular season kicks off next week. The Giants held down their home field, beating New England by a score of 16-13, but that’s not the story.

The real story of the game was this guy. Yeah, you’re seeing it right. This Giants’ fan rocked a Denver Broncos’ jersey that read “Eli’s Brother” on the back.

Why not wear an Eli Manning jersey? Too main stream, perhaps. Or maybe it just didn’t match his Mets’ hat as well. Either way, it takes some balls to act as if Eli has anything on Peyton. Sure, Eli has two rings, but only a completely delusional individual would actually venture to say Eli is the superior Manning.

Hopefully Peyton’s brother decides to actually throw to his own teammates this season, as his 18 touchdowns and 27 interceptions, from last season, was hard to stomach for Giants’ fans.

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