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Mississippi State’s Josh Robinson shrugs entire Kentucky defense in epic first down run

Mississippi State’s Josh Robinson had one of the best runs in college football this season against Kentucky this afternoon. During the second half, Robinson broke tackle after tackle before finally being brought down by numerous Kentucky defenders past the first down sticks. Robinson seemingly circumnavigated the football field on the play. In addition to Robinson’s epic first down run, he also added a 73 yard touchdown run on route to 198 total yards for the game.


Kevin Durant takes a slide in ESPN’s players ranking, fires back via Twitter


Add Kevin Durant to the list of NBA players upset with ESPN’s article of the top 500 players in the Association. Kobe Bryant is seemingly at war with the Worldwide Leader in Sports, while Durant responded with a little less vitriol. Royce Webb placed Durant at No. 8 on the list and explained the reason for KD slipping six spots down from last year. Well, Durant responded via Twitter and then quickly deleted the tweet.




It’s funny to see NBA stars get sensitive over a subjective list that has nothing to do with their end goal. However, many players do use this as motivation to prove the doubters wrong. But at the end of the day, it’s just basketball guys that are employed to watch and write hoops. Don’t let it ruin your day, fellas.

LeBron James blames media over Kevin Love comment


Photo: Ken Blaze, USA TODAY Sports)

Kevin Love is experiencing his first overreaction from the media now that he is part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. This surely won’t be the last of it, either. Recently, Love expressed his concern over the lack of touches he is receiving inside and said he isn’t accustomed to starting the game off on the perimeter. This led to LeBron James commenting on the situation and said the media blew it out of proportion.


This is a new offense for Love and trying to balance out the egos and playing time will be a factor early on for coach Blatt as the revamped Cleveland roster learn to mesh with each other. However, Love should take note of this as he surely will be facing more pressure and media than he’s ever had to deal with before. And remember, this is just the preseason. Get ready, because this is just the start of many more media quotes taken out of context, Kevin.

Michele Beadle has a birthday to remember while shedding tears on TV

ESPN’s popular sports reporter Michele Beadle celebrated turning 39 years old yesterday and her former employer made sure it was one to remember.

Beadle started her career off as an intern and later a reporter for the San Antonio Spurs. Well, Gregg Popovich and the Spurs organization didn’t forget this and decided to help out the folks at ESPN by surprising Beadle with the Spurs mascot and a message from coach Popovich.


Beadle later tweeted her excitement from the surprise that brought the host to tears.

The day kept getting better for Beadle as she appeared on Grantland’s new basketball show decked out in Spurs gear while holding the Larry O’Brien trophy.

I don’t know how Beadle is going to top this birthday, but next year the attractive host turns 40, so watch out!




Kevin Love thanks fans “for six great years,” and also for not burning his jersey


Kevin Love reflected on his busy summer in an essay that was published via Derek Jeter’s Players Tribune website. In the essay, Love talked about his time in Minnesota and how much grew up during his tenure with Timberwolves. In addition, Love said he wanted to go to the Timberwolves out of college and enjoyed “six great years” in Minnesota. At the end of Love’s paragraph about his time in Minnesota, he offered up a funny link thanking fans for not burning his jersey.

Via The Players’ Tribune:

So I’d like to take a moment to thank the fans of Minnesota for six great years. I still remember sitting in Madison Square Garden when I was first drafted in 2008, thinking that if I could go anywhere it would be to the Timberwolves to work with one of my childhood idols, Kevin McHale. There are so many people in Minnesota who helped to shape my game and mold me into the player I am today. I’ll always be fond of going to Manny’s Steakhouse, and the support I got from the entire Minnesota community — even in tough times — is something I’ll remember forever. (Seriously, thanks for not burning my jersey, you guys.)

Love touched on other topics during his essay like being impressed with how Andrew Wiggins handled his situation with Cleveland and the constant rumors. The essay is a good read and Love responds to the notion that he accrued “empty stats” in Minnesota while telling us he felt like a kid on the first day of school when meeting his new Cleveland teammates.

Kevin Love is about to get his wish of playing on a contender and the feeling he’s having now will disappear as soon as the Cavs experience their first losing streak. The pressure Love is about to face will be nothing he’s had to deal with before while the media and national attention placed on the Cavaliers will be exponentially higher than anything the power forward has seen during his short career in the NBA. Just ask Chris Bosh.

Willis Reed video surfaces of him fighting the entire Lakers team (VIDEO)


A video of Willis Reed taking on the entire Los Angeles Lakers team in a fist fight has surfaced. Reed was in his third year with the New York Knicks when one of the biggest fights in NBA history took place at Madison Square Garden.

Back in 1966, a young Willis Reed was playing power forward and matched up against eight-year veteran Rudy LaRusso during a regular season game between the Knicks and Lakers. While both players were being physical, Reed felt that LaRusso was throwing too many cheap shots and warned the officials about it. When the referees failed to respond, Willis took matters into his own hands.

While at the foul line during the third quarter, Reed and LaRusso were jockeying for position. LaRusso started to head up court but a frustrated Reed had enough and decided to get tangled up with him. LaRusso responded by throwing a punch at Reed which set off one of the craziest fights you’ll ever see. Willis Reed suddenly turned into Muhammad Ali and started throwing haymakers all over the court. The fight broke out in front of the Lakers bench so the rest of LaRusso’s teammates naturally stormed the court to break up the skirmish. This didn’t stop Willis as he laid out Laker after Laker on his way to getting his retaliation on LaRusso.


Amazingly, Reed didn’t get suspended. However, both players were ejected and fined $50. Imagine if this fight were to happen today? Both players might be suspended for the season! The Knicks would go on to win the game 122-119, but the 1966 Knicks home opener will always be remembered for the time Willis Reed took on the entire Lakers team in a fight and won!

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