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Willis Reed video surfaces of him fighting the entire Lakers team (VIDEO)


A video of Willis Reed taking on the entire Los Angeles Lakers team in a fist fight has surfaced. Reed was in his third year with the New York Knicks when one of the biggest fights in NBA history took place at Madison Square Garden.

Back in 1966, a young Willis Reed was playing power forward and matched up against eight-year veteran Rudy LaRusso during a regular season game between the Knicks and Lakers. While both players were being physical, Reed felt that LaRusso was throwing too many cheap shots and warned the officials about it. When the referees failed to respond, Willis took matters into his own hands.

While at the foul line during the third quarter, Reed and LaRusso were jockeying for position. LaRusso started to head up court but a frustrated Reed had enough and decided to get tangled up with him. LaRusso responded by throwing a punch at Reed which set off one of the craziest fights you’ll ever see. Willis Reed suddenly turned into Muhammad Ali and started throwing haymakers all over the court. The fight broke out in front of the Lakers bench so the rest of LaRusso’s teammates naturally stormed the court to break up the skirmish. This didn’t stop Willis as he laid out Laker after Laker on his way to getting his retaliation on LaRusso.


Amazingly, Reed didn’t get suspended. However, both players were ejected and fined $50. Imagine if this fight were to happen today? Both players might be suspended for the season! The Knicks would go on to win the game 122-119, but the 1966 Knicks home opener will always be remembered for the time Willis Reed took on the entire Lakers team in a fight and won!

Kevin Durant was “Ridin’ Dirty” with his new ride on way to press conference


Kevin Durant isn’t letting a fractured right foot keep him from having a little preseason fun. Durant had to make himself available to the media because the Association changed its rules regarding injured players. So instead of limping over to the press conference on a pair of crutches, Durant decided to take a scooter. But wait, it gets better. The funny folks over at Uproxx attached the 2006 hit song “Ridin’ Dirty” to the video of Durant pedaling his way to the presser.

Check it out:


Here is Kevin Durant’s during his press conference, after strolling in with the scooter.

Paul George already doing drills without protective boot (Video)

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Indiana Pacers star Paul George had one of the most gruesome injuries you’ll ever see during a scrimmage with Team USA over the summer. Not only did the horrific injury wreck the Pacer’s up coming season, it could take years for George to return to his all-star form. However, it appears that George is trying to do his best to return possibly this season as the 6’9 swingman is already doing drills on the court without a boot.


The Pacers will obviously take it slow with George as there is no reason to rush their prized young swingman back to the court with a rebuilding year likely ahead. But if George can make a late return to the court and get some games in before the end of the season, it likely will help him return to form much quicker than to miss an entire season. It’s a great sign to see George elevating on his jump shots. And with over five months to go before the playoffs start, I’d say there is a good chance we’ll be seeing PG-13 return to the court by the time spring rolls around.

ESPN has hilarious tagline regarding 3 underachieving Yankees

ESPN New York didn’t beat around the bush when labeling Mark Teixeira, Brian McCann and of course, Alex Rodriguez. The popular sports website put a hilarious tagline on the three overpaid and underachieving New York Yankees. “The Three Stooges,” was the tagline ESPN New York placed on the three Yankees players and it couldn’t be more fitting.

Check it out:


Coach Popovich fires back with hilarious insult at Suns owner


There are a few people in the NBA that you will never win a beef with and San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is one of them. Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver made a statement to his fans in regards to Popovich sitting several players including Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili during a preseason game recently. Well, coach Pop didn’t exactly take this well and followed up Sarver’s dig with an explanation followed by a hilarious insult.

Via Spurs Nation:

“As I said, the silliness begins,” he said. “Most wise individuals would check facts before they made statements. Unless you’re interested in putting on a show. In that case, the facts get in your way, as in this case.

“We had five guys we didn’t send: Patty Mills had a shoulder operation over the summer. Tiago Splitter (calf) has been out the whole preseason. Kawhi Leonard (eye infection) was out and is still out for 10 more days. The other two, Duncan and Ginobili, are two of the oldest guys in the league who just came back from a 13-day European trip.

“The only thing that surprises me is that he didn’t say it in a chicken suit. I’ll just leave it at that.”

Please don’t ever change, Popovich.

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