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Bobby Bowden compares Jameis Winston to a grade-schooler

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has a unique skill-set that most experts believe will transfer successfully to the NFL. However, his draft stock has been in question recently due to his outlandish behavior off the field.

Winston’s maturity level doesn’t seem to be where it needs to be, and former FSU coach Bobby Bowden weighed in on the situation:

In an interview with ESPN, via Chase Goodbread of NFL.com, Bowden voiced his concerns that Winston is immature and makes things much harder than they should be given his immense talent:

Jameis has got to grow up. He does things that kids in grammar school would do, or kids in junior high would do, you know it? I think once he draws the line, and says ‘I’m not going to step below this another time,’ I think he can do that. But if he don’t, he’s going to make it mighty tough on himself.

This will create quite the dilemma for NFL teams if Winston does declare for the 2015 draft. He is the quintessential talent vs. distraction prospect. However, there’s still time for Winston to get his act together before he decides if he will turn pro, and teams in dire need of a quarterback will select him regardless of his behavior off the field.


Antrel Rolle can’t get the screams of Victor Cruz out of his head

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz went down Sunday night with a torn patellar tendon and was place on season-ending injured reserve. It was a numbing moment for all involved during the Giants’ 27-0 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The injury has stuck with Cruz’ teammate, safety Antrel Rolle, who says he can’t forget the way Cruz was on the turf writhing in pain.

Per NFL.com:

“Man, I just can’t get it out of my head the way he was just down there screaming, screaming to the top of his lungs and you didn’t know why,” safety Antrel Rolle said Tuesday on WFAN-FM, via the New York Daily News. “I don’t know, man, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

“I’ve seen Victor run that play 20 times in practice, I see him catch it 20 times in practice. Some things are just freakish, and that’s just a freakish accident.”

Cruz is a very respected player, and the best receiver on the Giants. After losing Cruz and the game itself, his injury has become a rallying cry for Big Blue. Rolle feels the rest of the season should be played in Cruz’ honor:

“You always find a reason to play this game for something bigger than yourself, and right now here’s an opportunity to go out there and play the game for something that’s bigger than yourself. Here’s a guy who contributed so much and put so much on the line for this team and for this organization, we have to make sure we go out there and do something to inspire him while he’s going through this tough time.”

Convicted felon asks for parole so he can see LeBron James play

An Ohio man who has already served 21 years in prison for aggravated robbery is approaching his 5th time facing the Ohio Parole Board. 39-year-old James Goudlock wrote a detailed letter to the board, citing several serious reasons why he should receive an early release. He also lightened things up a bit towards the end.

Per Fox8:

He’s mounted a very public campaign for his freedom, claiming a flaw in sentencing guidelines has forced him to serve more time for robbery than newer inmates convicted of murder.

In his letter, he wrote “I urge you to retire #248-561 because I have history to make.”

He goes on to say: “On the lighter side, I would truly like to witness in person LeBron James’ pursuit of an NBA championship for my beloved hometown.”

Goudlock faces the parole board later this month. If released, he says he hopes to work with “at-risk” youths.


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