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LeSean McCoy X-rays negative after injury scare


(Credit: helmet2helmet.com)

The Philadelphia Eagles had a semi-nervous moment Thursday night when star running back LeSean McCoy headed to the locker room for X-rays on his thumb. They can now breathe a sigh of relief, as the X-rays came back negative.

McCoy’s thumb is sprained, not broken, and he sat out the remainder of the Eagles’ 31-21 preseason win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While he was in the game, Shady racked up 24 yards rushing, and also caught a 22 yard screen pass for a touchdown. He will most likely see very limited, if any, action in Philadelphia’s preseason finale next week.

The Eagles open the regular season September 7th, when the Jacksonville Jaguars come to town.


Steelers fans create hilarious foam finger honoring Johnny Manziel

By now, everyone is aware that Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel decided to flip the bird to the Washington Redskins bench Monday night.

Well, after social media calmed down, some quick-acting Pittsburgh Steelers fans came up with a great idea. They created their own foam finger, in honor of Manziel. 

The Browns travel to Pittsburgh week one of the season, and believe me, this hilarious foam finger is a must have!


(Credit: SI)

Arizona Cardinals player once cursed out Madden ratings creator

Donny Moore works for EA Sports, and has one of the toughest jobs in the gaming industry. He is in charge of rating every player in the NFL for the Madden franchise. It seems like every guy thinks he is a 95, and players are rarely happy with their ratings outside of Peyton Manning.

To be fair, I play Madden a lot, and Moore does a pretty decent job of factoring in all kinds of things – speed, agility, route-running, accuracy, power, etc. It isn’t an easy job by any means, but some players do get unfair Madden ratings.

Moore recalls only one time a specific player was seriously unhappy with his rating.

Per New York Post:

Only one time, Moore said, he felt he truly angered a player. Moore won’t name the player, but when an EA Sports film crew went to scan the face of the Arizona Cardinals player, he asked them to deliver an “F-bomb-filled” message to Moore.

If I had to guess, I’d go with Darnell Dockett. He’s never been at a loss for words and isn’t afraid to show his emotions. As with any job, Moore can’t please everyone. Madden ’15 is due to hit shelves later this month, and we’ll keep an eye out for unfair ratings and player freakouts.

WATCH: Jessica Alba’s first pitch at Dodger Stadium beat 50 Cent’s

By now, everyone has seen the horrendous first pitch that rapper 50 Cent threw out at a New York Mets game. While his pitch was just a tad outside, actress Jessica Alba took on the first pitch challenge at Dodger Stadium Sunday.

Turns out that she has some pretty good form on top of being absolutely gorgeous, and Alba was brave enough to throw from the mound. The pitch didn’t quite make it, but it still had better location than 50′s attempt.

Ex-Giant David Wilson to pursue Olympic dream


(Credit: businessinsider.com)

Former New York Giants running back David Wilson’s career came to an end before it even got started due to a neck injury. But that doesn’t mean his days of being an athlete are over.

In his farewell speech, Wilson said he planned on setting another goal and conquering it. That dream? Being an Olympian.

Per USA Today:

Speaking with For The Win from Citi Field, where he was addressing a group of New York City school students as part of the Citi Kids program, Wilson outlined his plan to try and make it to Rio in the triple jump.

“I’ll be going back to school to get my degree and training for the Olympics,” Wilson said. “That’s something I really want to aspire to do now. I was the national champion twice in high school junior and senior year and was an All-American in college [at Virginia Tech].

At only 23 and training full-time without no football responsibilities, it is possible that Wilson could make the leap, no pun intened, and qualify for the Olympics.

Wilson hasn’t picked a training location yet, but it will be a very heartwarming development if he can qualify for the Olympics and realize that dream, since his first one was cut short.


LeBron James answers ice bucket challenge…on a yacht.

Social media is blazing with athletes, and people from all walks of life, taking part in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise money and awareness for ALS – commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

While on a yacht, looking like he’s having a great time, the superstar of all superstars, LeBron James, completed the challenge. He nominated President Obama and his two sons to take on the challenge next.

Thus far, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” campaign has raised over $10 million towards ALS research.

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