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Baltimore-Boston billboard war eggs on

  • Andy Flint

Boston fans were hoping that their team could end Ray Lewis’ final playoff run in Foxboro on Sunday. Instead, Lewis will play his final game of his career in two weeks, with a warm going out party — in New Orleans.

The two sides involved have started quite the war. First, Clear Channel, in Boston, purchased a billboards to display the countdown to “Ray’s retirement party”. The two sides were riled up about the board, and Lewis noticed, saying, after the win, “I was hurt when I saw a sign that actually said my retirement would [start] tonight.”

Well, things didn’t exactly go as planned for those fans in Boston. Baltimore won the game, and fairly handily too, behind Tom Brady’s two interceptions. Monday morning, after the loss, the Boston billboards showed a new message with just one word: Welp.

@MassBillboards on Twitter posted this photo on Monday.

@MassBillboards on Twitter posted this photo on Monday.

It’s not a war without a rebuttal. Lewis’ retirement  party has unofficially been moved to February 3rd, in New Orleans, according to the billboard now posted in Baltimore. Looks like Clear Channel might end up like Patriots head coach Bill Belichick: speechless after their loss.

Ray Lewis' retirement party has been unofficially moved.

Ray Lewis’ retirement party has been unofficially moved.

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