Barack Obama fundraiser Fox Headline: “failed baseball player Michael Jordan and anti-police activist Carmelo Anthony”

President Barack Obama hosted a fundraiser this past Wednesday that featured many prolific NBA past and present players. Two of the biggest names were NBA commissioner David Stern and Charlotte Bobcats owner, Michael Jordan. Fox News in response to the event, posted a picture of the President with a caption that read:

“Obama glad-handed with about 120 donors, including failed baseball player Michael Jordan and noted anti-police activist Carmelo Anthony on Wednesday.”

We all know about Michael Jordan’s failed attempt to play baseball, but the real dig may have come towards Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo was  featured in a Baltimore-based DVD that was a proponent of the “Stop Snitching” campaign against police informants. I’m sure ‘Melo would like to keep that in the past, while Fox News cashed in on the opportunity to associate President Obama with some negative publicity.


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