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Barkley Believes Kentucky Could Beat Charlotte or Toronto

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Recently I wrote a comparison piece on the Kentucky Wildcats and the Charlotte Bobcats, concluding that Kentucky could stay within double digits of the horrendous Bobcats. Charles Barkley took my notion a couple of steps further, saying that Kentucky could beat Charlotte AND Toronto.

Here’s the quote from Charles about Coach Calipari’s Wildcats: “Nobody can beat this team. The Toronto Raptors can’t, the Bobcats maybe. But there’s nobody in this NCAA tournament that can beat this team.”

Obviously, I disagree with this notion, but it is certainly an interesting thought. For one, the Raptors are better than the Bobcats, so to say they could possibly beat Toronto, but not Charlotte seems like a strange statement. If anything, it should be the other way around. Although, the more I watch Kentucky, the more it seems like they may legitimately have a shot. A large part of my notion that they would lose the game was based on Boris Diaw, but that’s not a problem anymore seeing as he is now a San Antonio Spur. The reality is that the Bobcats have no depth, and no NBA caliber post presence that Kentucky couldn’t handle.

Seriously, stick this on pay-per-view, and have Charles call the game with Marv Albert, an easy million viewers. Make it happen.

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9 Responses to Barkley Believes Kentucky Could Beat Charlotte or Toronto

  • Not a chance they could beat any NBA team. Regardless how terrible the these teams are compared to to other NBA teams, it’s quite a stretch for Barkley to make these statements. The talent on NBA teams are far superior when compared to a college team. There’s also the fact that NBA games are 8 minutes longer than a college game. that’s a pretty big factor, when couple with all the others.

    • why does 8 extra minutes matter in the NBA, when the old adage is the last 6 minutes of an NBA game is what matters. I personally believe that Kentucky has 3 guys that could have played pretty solid in the NBA at the start of the season. My proof, look at Kyrie Irving who played 13 college games and didn’t have a summer league, or any trainers to work with but got thrown into the NBA. He did pretty well this year. Why wouldn’t MKG, Davis, Jones, Teague play solid after a full year of College ball and a deep run into the tourney, which they may win quite easily. I think it would be interesting though. I’m not sure they would win, but I honestly don’t think it would be a blow out. I’d say along the lines Kentucky keeping it within 10-15 points

    • Charles needs to go into another profession, predicting outcomes of College or NBA games is above his IQ level. Kentucky only has one player of NBA quality and that is DAVIS the rest are atypical 6’8″ journey men that if they make it will never be more than that. The best laugh of coming draft is who is blowing smoke up Doc River’s sons behind and telling him he is NBA material already. Hell, he wins freshmen of the year against who? What did he shoot for 3’s 30%, can’t hit a pressure layup, weighs 90 lbs. There is not a legitimate NBA player of all College players coming out this year, take that to the bank, I have been watching basketball for 60 years.
      What happend to the: Oscar Robinsons, Jerry Wests, Elgin Baylors, Wilts, Russels, Majics, Birds?? Their all 6’8″ clones that can’t hit a layup, but they sure can dunk the ball, when no one touches them.

      • 60 years is that right?? LOL. I’m pretty sure MKG won’t be a journeyman type player. That kid has a boatload of talent Stan. I agree with you on Doc Rivers son, I’m not impressed, even when he hit that game winner against UNC. Big deal in my book he’ll be a solid bench tweener at best. To get back on the Kentucky statement, they have blue chippers in that lineup. Nobody can predict how good of pro’s they will be, but judging on Calipari’s past classes, I’d go out on a limb and say they’ll do alright. Teague will be a bonafide point guard as he matures, same with Terrence Jones who has an array of different skills. Also has an NBA body. Time will tell my friend

  • Isn’t the three point line further out in the NBA? I’m not sure about the Wildcats but in college the 3 point line is such a big part of the game. That alone, would seem to be a possible game changer

    • That is true. The 3pt line is further out. But I’d counter with the fact that Anthony Davis, and MKG game isn’t predicated on the 3pt shot anyway. That would factor into the game, because it would be an adjustment for them to shoot a few feet back. I agree with you Sportmentary about them not beating a pro team. I think they could stick with them though. I just don’t think the Bobcats would wad them by 25 points. I think it would be around 10-15 pts. We’ll never know though haha

  • It may be possible under college rules Kentucky could beat a bad pro team.

  • People said the same thing about UNLV years ago and then they lost to dook, pro and college are different games, if they played 10 times Kentucky may win 1 or 2 at the most.

  • I guess he hasnt seen Ohio State play…

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