Barkley Believes Kentucky Could Beat Charlotte or Toronto

  • Santos

Recently I wrote a comparison piece on the Kentucky Wildcats and the Charlotte Bobcats, concluding that Kentucky could stay within double digits of the horrendous Bobcats. Charles Barkley took my notion a couple of steps further, saying that Kentucky could beat Charlotte AND Toronto.

Here’s the quote from Charles about Coach Calipari’s Wildcats: “Nobody can beat this team. The Toronto Raptors can’t, the Bobcats maybe. But there’s nobody in this NCAA tournament that can beat this team.”

Obviously, I disagree with this notion, but it is certainly an interesting thought. For one, the Raptors are better than the Bobcats, so to say they could possibly beat Toronto, but not Charlotte seems like a strange statement. If anything, it should be the other way around. Although, the more I watch Kentucky, the more it seems like they may legitimately have a shot. A large part of my notion that they would lose the game was based on Boris Diaw, but that’s not a problem anymore seeing as he is now a San Antonio Spur. The reality is that the Bobcats have no depth, and no NBA caliber post presence that Kentucky couldn’t handle.

Seriously, stick this on pay-per-view, and have Charles call the game with Marv Albert, an easy million viewers. Make it happen.

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