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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

We all heard the old saying “records are meant to be broken”, but it’s not necessarily a true statement.  I recently studied some of the all-time records held in Major League Baseball and come to the realization that several baseball records will never be broken. I know there is an outcry of some of the individuals who own some of these sacred records; but since Major League Baseball recognizes these accomplishments in their record books without an asterisk then I will do the same. In the following excerpts below I discuss extraordinary records held in Major League Baseball history that will never be broken.

Denton True Young “Cy Young” 511 wins! cy-young

We all know Cy Young holds the record for winning 511 games, he also holds the record for the most losses and innings pitched.   Young was defeated 316 times, and pitched 7,356 innings!  Anyone pitching that many innings only had me wondering how many complete games must he have had?  The answer is 749!  What kinda pitching rotation did the Cleveland Spiders and Boston Americans have?  I take it that Cy Young never had Tommy John issues in the 22 seasons in the big leagues. Notables: The closest member to reach 511 wins was left hand pitcher Walter Johnson (417).  In today’s game we have witness Greg Maddux (355) and Roger Clemens (354).  Tim Hudson is the active leader in wins with (211). 7,356 innings and 749 complete games pitched is mind-boggling!  Starting pitchers today struggle to pitch past the sixth inning!  Keep in mind that Nolan Ryan was in the majors for 27 years and he only pitched 5386 innings (5th all-time).  Mark Burhle is the active leader in innings pitched with 2964. 749 complete games will never get touched because today’s pitchers won’t even make that many starts.  Just think Bob Gibson recorded 255 complete and CC Sabathia is the active leader with 37!  


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