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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

Walter Johnson 110 shutouts

Walter Johnson is one of two pitcher to won more than 400 games in major league history.  Out of 417 victories Johnson had shutout 110 ball clubs!  In other words a pitcher must complete the entire game without giving up a run to get credit for a complete game shutout.  Oh by the way he is fifth all-time in complete games pitched (531). His single season high for shutouts is (11) which places him eighth all-time.  The major league record for shutouts in a season is (16), tied by Pete Alexander (1916) and George Bradley (1896).  Bob Gibson was the last known man to make a run at the record in a single season with (13) in his magical season of 1968.  Johnson’s career 110 shutouts look to be safe for a very long time.  38-year-old Tim Hudson has been in the majors for 16 years and he has 13 career shutouts that leads all active players in baseball.  Remember Bob Gibson did that in one season!


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