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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

Ty Cobbb’s lifetime batting average of .366

Ty Cobb batted a meager .240 in his rookie season at the age of 18 and that would be the last time he would ever have a batting average under .316.  Cobb had a .367 career batting average to go along with 4191 hits, only makes it more incredible that he only walked 1289 times in 24 seasons.  It is extremely difficult to keep a average up without drawing a walk every now and then.  Cobb helped his own cause by batting over .400 on three different occasions. ty-cobb2His career batting average is 20 points higher than the likes of Ted Williams (.344) and 22 points higher than Babe Ruth (.342).  Heck as good as Tony Gwynn was he only had a career average of (.338).  Wade Boggs (.327).  Today’s active career batting averages belongs to Miguel Cabrera who owns a (.321) batting average.  I wonder what Ty Cobb would do in today’s game?


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