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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

 Hack Wilson 191 RBI in a single season

Needless to say in order for Hack Wilson to achieve this record, his teammates had to consistently get on base so there would be opportunities for him to drive them in.  191 RBI are ridiculous for the 1930s, in fact  that year produce a total of six ball players achieving over the 150 RBI mark.  Hmmm, could they have been juicing back then?  The top 13 members of the RBI list rank from 191 RBI to 166 RBI, all achieving their single season stats in the 1930s.   With all the offense displayed in today’s game this is the record I thought would be threatened; but here it is 80 years later and the closest person to make a run at the RBI record was Manny Ramirez.  In 1999, Ramirez drove in a modern era 165 RBI for the Cleveland Indians.  That is still 28 RBI short of getting a sniff of Wilson’s 191 RBI.                


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