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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

Connie Mack  3,731 Wins and record for manager longevity: 53 years

Cornelius McGillicuddy, Sr a.k.a Connie Mack did only what Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys wish he could do.  Own and manage the team.  Connie Mack owned the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901-1950.   Mack managed until he was 87 years old!  In that span he led the Athletics to five World Series victories so there was no reason to fire himself.  He manage the A’s to 3731 victories; but loss more than he won losing 3948 games!  Who loses 3948 games which is also an untouchable record?  This record is equivalent to Cy Young’s 511 victories as Hall of Fame managers Tony LaRussa (1003) and Bobby Cox 1227) victories behind Mack.


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