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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

Barry Bonds single and career home run record (73) and (762)



Don’t jump down my throat, the most hated man in the modern baseball era owns these records.  They are in every legitimate baseball reference you can find. There are no asterisks beside Barry Bonds records.  Whether you are a Barry Bonds fan or not, when he went after the single season and career home run record his plate appearance were a must see.  His records may stand primarily because of no more enhancements.  The single season home run record originally was owned by Roger Maris who like Bonds was getting the rift because everyone was pulling for Mickey Mantle instead when breaking Babe Ruth’s record of 60.  Since the single season home run record was broken by Maris(61), McGwire topped it with (70) and Sosa had (66) home runs in 1998.  Bonds owned the record (73) three years later (2001).  August 7, 2007, Bonds snatched the sacred home run record(756) formerly held by Hank Aaron.  The debate continues as baseball purist argues who is the home run king.  Well according to Major League Baseball, Barry Bonds is the home run king.  Since Bonds (73) home runs Ryan Howard is the closest hitting (58) home runs in 2006.  The closest player to become the next home run king would be another villan in Alex Rodriguez (654) and Albert Pujols (512).


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