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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

Rickey Henderson single season (130) stolen bases and (1406) career stolen bases

There were plenty of times when Rickey Henderson would mention to whomever would listen that Rickey was the greatest of all time.  Well, he was correct as far as stealing bases were concern.  After breaking Lou Brock’s career stolen base record of 938, Rickey boldly place the record out of reach by stealing an extra 438 bases.  Since today’s game is all about rickeystealthe longball, you will seldom see a ballplayer today make his living with his feet.  Oh by the way he also holds the single season stolen base record of 130. Can you imagine the wear and tear on your body from stealing bases.  Rickey can continue to chant his own name as the greatest base stealer of all time.  Ichiro Suzuki is the closest active player with 475 career stolen bases and he is 40.  Jacoby Ellsbury (70) and Willy Tavaras (68) are the only active players to break 65 in a single season.  Future neophytes would be Dee Gordon and Billy Hamilton               


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