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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

Joe DiMaggio 56 game hitting streak

Joe D

Probably baseball most heralded record now.  Joe DiMaggio broke the original 45 games hit streak held by Willie Keeler back in 1941.  He ran the total up to 56 games before the Cleveland Indians finally shut him down.   You want to know how cool “Joltin Joe” was?  DiMaggio started another streak the next day that lasted an additional 16 games. So just imagine hitting safely in 72 of 73 games.  Many have tried and many have failed!

Pete Rose (44) and Paul Molitor (39) were the closest players to ever threaten the now 73-year-old record.  Since the turn of the century only three major league ball players have reach a 33 game hit streak: Jimmy Rollins (38), Chase Utley (35), Dan Uggla (33)                      


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