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20 Baseball Records That Will Never Be Broken 50

Tris Speaker’s 792 Career Doubles

Speaker’s 792 career doubles has stood since The Depression Era (1928)!  Only four members (Speaker, Pete Rose, Stan Musial, and Ty Cobb) can say they hit at least 700 doubles in their career.  All four members are also inclusive company as they have at least 3500 career hits. Hitting doubles in the big league doesn’t require being a power hitter as I mention the top four members of the 700 club, only Musial was consider a slugger.

During Speaker’s heyday in hit over 50 doubles four times, 59 in one season was his most ever.  The record for most in a single season belonged to Earl Webb who hit 67 in 1931.  There is one active player that may have a legitimate shot of threatening Speaker’s record.  Albert Pujols who is sitting at 546 (246 shy).  However he must stay away from the injury bug!  


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