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Astros pitcher gives souvenir ball to heckler with funny note 95

It wasn’t a good day on Thursday for Houston Astros pitching against the Oakland A’s, as they suffered a 13-1 drubbing at the hands of MLB’s best team.  Wednesday wasn’t much better with 9 runs against the struggling Astros arms.   On Wednesday, one Oakland A’s fan was giving it to the tattered remains of the Astros hurlers, in particular #60 Dallas Keuchel.  Keuchel “thanked” the fan with a souvenir ball and a funny note (via @nickw888)

Like many Astros, Keuchel makes near the league minimum at just over $500K , despite being on the final ballot for the All-Star fan vote (9-6, 3.29 ERA).  His salary…just over $3000 per game.  To contrast that, fellow Arkansas Razorback alumnus Cliff Lee makes $17,146.  Per inning (amortized over 162 games).

So for each of the 28K fans in attendance on Wednesday…10 cents per ticket went to Keuchel.  And that was worth a priceless souvenir baseball.

Note that Keuchel did not start any games in this series.

– David Whitlock

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