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Curt Schilling declares that he is cancer-free 58

Great news from former major league pitcher and baseball broadcaster Curt Schilling: “I am in remission”.  He tweeted as much to his 88,000+ followers on Twitter (via @gehrig38)

The six-time All-Star pitcher announced that he was battling cancer in February.  He completed radiation therapy in April; the type and extent of his cancer has remained private.  His wife, Shonda, is a cancer survivor as well, and Curt’s support for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) is well known and echoed in his twitter handle, “Gehrig38.”

We at Reading Between the Seams with the Schillings and Curt, who also suffered a heart attack a few years ago, more good news that the cancer never returns.  Battle on!

– David Whitlock

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