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Derek Jeter: Destined For Greatness. 85

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter reached a plethora of milestones on Saturday afternoon (July 9, 2011). Not only did he become the 28th player in baseball history to amass 3,000 hits, he became the 14th player to do so with one team and the 3rd ever shortstop to achieve the amazing feat. Not only does Jeter now have 3,000 hits to go with his incredible play in  the post-season, he is now undoubtedly a Yankee legend.

Since he entered the league, Jeter has always had that All-Star mentality and swagger that one would love in a team captain. His career accomplishments are bar none, and his leadership skills are unparalleled. To honor his entry into the 3,000 hit club, here is a timeline of Jeter’s career highs, barring of course contractual rhetoric and career lows. We are honoring a milestone and the career highs that paved its way:

JUNE 1992: Jeter is drafted by the Yankees in the first round (6th overall.)

MAY 1995: Jeter hits the 1st hit of his 3,000 against the Seattle Mariners.

APRIL 1996: Jeter belts his first career homerun.

OCTOBER 1996: Jeter and the Yanks defeat the favored Atlanta Braves as he collects the first of his five World Series rings.

OCTOBER 1998: Jeter collects his second title, as well as his first selection to the All-Star game and first 200 hit season.

OCOTBER 1999: Back to back, Jeter collects his third title as the Yankees have their way with the Braves.

SEPTEMBER 2000: Jeter gets hit number 1,000.

OCTOBER 2000: Jeter earns the World Series MVP Award in the “Subway Series”, and adds a fourth title to his collection as the Yankees defeated the New York Mets.

JUNE 2003: Jeter is named team captain, succeeding Don Mattingly.

MAY 2006: Jeter gets hit number 2,000 against the Kansas City Royals.

NOVEMBER 2009: Jeter gets his 5th title as the Yankees dethrone the defending champions Philadelphia Phillies.

JULY 2011:  Jeter amasses his 3,000th hit with a homerun, and also goes 5-5 in the game against Tampa Bay, including the game winning hit.

Congrats, Derek Jeter.


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