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Derek Jeter tops 2014 MLB jersey sales during farewell tour 77

Fans around the American (and National) league are getting one final opportunity to heap their praise on New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter during his “farewell tour” as he announced plans to retire after the 2014 campaign.  Most ballparks the 40-year-old visits each week represent his last appearance as a player(excepting the American League East which will get their chance in August and September).  The tour began in Houston on Opening Day, and will end in Boston on September 28 (at least for the regular season).  But fans are also paying respect to Jeter in the souvenir lines and sporting goods stores.  MLB Public Relations tweets the #2 Jeter Yankees jersey is the leading all of Major League baseball in jersey sales over the first half of 2014:

You might think fans would invest in a jersey in which the player will be on the field for a few more years, but there are few players as popular with the all baseball fans as Derek Jeter.  Not surprisingly, young up and coming superstars like Mike Trout, Yasiel Puig, and Bryce Harper also make the list.  Players from east Asia like Masahiro Tanaka, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Yu Darvish also prove popular.  As noted in the tweet that more than half of the popular jerseys are 27 or younger, proving that as the old guard leaves, a new guard is ready to be the next generation of superstars.

Derek Jeter’s final home game will be September 25, you wonder if he will do the same as Mariano Rivera and sit out the final series (assuming a playoff berth or positioning still isn’t at stake).

– David Whitlock

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