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Former manager calls for automation of ball and strike calls 92

There’s a growing majority (but not consensus) that Major League Baseball should adopt a more expansive instant replay review system, but Former Arizona Diamondbacks manager and current broadcaster Bob Brenly seems to want to skip a step and move straight toward removing the umpire from behind home plate and “automate” ball/strike calls.  Never mind that the technology isn’t really there or at least even tested.  According to Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic, Brenly went off on “human” umpiring after a missed call in extra innings on Monday:

“I have a lot of friends who are umpires and they work extremely hard,” Brenly said. “But I just feel like the game has gotten too fast. Pitchers throw too hard. There is so much movement on the ball as it gets into the hitting area. I just think it’s not humanly possible to get every call right. And some old-timers are enamored with the human element in the game and they insist that’s part of the game. But I think moving forward, it won’t be.

“We’ve got a QuesTec system or whatever they call it now (Pitch-f/x) that’s foolproof. You’re going to get every pitch correct. You’re never going to have a guy called out in a key situation on a bad pitch. You’re never going to have a guy walk on the bases loaded on a good pitch. I just think in any sport, especially this sport, any time you can eliminate mistakes, whether it’s with technology or different positioning or whatever you can do, I think we owe it to the game to do it.”

So NOW it’s too fast?  Throwing too hard?  Nolan Ryan, Billy Wagner, and Walter Johnson didn’t throw hard?  Neither did Kerry Wood or Roger Clemens?  Bert Blyleven and Bruce Sutter didn’t have movement on their pitches?

Credit: Paul Connors/AP

Credit: Paul Connors/AP

No it’s not possible to get every call right.  I can’t even make the right call on what breakfast I want every morning.

And “foolproof”?  Of course, use of review technology never misses a call, just ask Adam Rosales.

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