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Gordon Sumner on the Yankees 53

Gordon Sumner took some time to share with us his thoughts on washed up pitcher Bartolo Colon:

The Yankees will do anything to win.  Anything. And that includes signing the $6 million man to a minor league contract.  Bartolo Colon after getting cut in 2009 and sitting out the 2010 season, and by cut I mean no one would give him any money to play,  had stem cells injected into his painful throwing arm this off-season.  And suddenly he is in the Yankees starting rotation throwing 95 mph again being 30 pounds over weight and about to turn 38 this month.  The truly genius thing is they signed the $6 million man to a 1.5 million dollar contract.

Bartolo spends the off-season playing left guard for the Packers

At what point as a society do we stop caring and realize the benefits of HGH and steroids?  I would imagine it would be like heroin, I’m not going to do heroin right now when I’m healthy and young but the second I get diagnosed with cancer, screw chemo I’m going straight to the streets to score some black tar and chase that dragon.  What do I have to lose?  Steroids is the same way. Sure, it shrinks your balls but at a certain age what do you have to lose?  why not pitch for the Yankees at 68?   I digress, but have you heard about the Yankees hot minor league prospect his name is Steve Austin. He plays 3rd base this Kid has a long, long career ahead of him… Check out his scouting video…


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